Buying A Home Can Be Scary But So Rewarding

Dated: 02/03/2017

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           12 years ago I was renting a basement apartment and operating a daycare. My daycare was rarely full. I was taking kids up to 20 hours a day to make a decent living as a single mom of one. I decided to look for my own home. I made a promise to my daughter that she would have her 12th birthday in our own house. I found a great agent that understood my needs and limitations. My agent found exactly what I was looking for and helped me through the financing process. I fulfilled my promise to my daughter and my daycare thrived as a successful business in my new home. My daughter was able to attend college, graduate, and is now a teacher.  It is over 11 years later and with moderate improvements to the home I now have a considerable amount of equity. I want to be that agent for others.  Andy and I have the passion to make the dream of home ownership possible for everyone! - Heidi Chamberlain

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